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We can help connect  and secure all your technology.

Architecture Firms,

Engineering Firms

& General and Sub-Contractors,

AutoCad? Solidworks? Quickbid? OST? BlueBeam? We have you covered. Our team has years of experience these types of applications, making sure they are running as quickly as possible, and maintaining uptime. Every second that you are waiting for a view to rotate and every time xrefs break is costing your company money. Let us help get everything running in perfect shape.


We have been working with Technology Pointe since 2005 and have been more than pleased with their level of expertise and performance. They have done an excellent job of guiding us through the years and their laid-back approach is a very welcome change to the "Stuffed Shirt IT" that we all have run into at some point in time. I am afraid to think of where our IT would be without their leadership.

- Michael Lambert, VDC Manager, Chasco Constructors - Customer Since 2005

All Pointes Covered Support plan:

  • Unlimited IT support, both remote and on-site, for your entire team and all their devices, tablets and phones included.
  • On-site support on demand - don't wait for your "scheduled" day, in most cases we are on-site same day.
  • After-hours support - all emergencies are handled by our on-call staff at no extra cost to you.
  • New user & computer setups, software updates such as accounting software - no extra charge.
  • Extensive industry experience - We have experience with a wide variety of CAD and planning software.
  • Dedicated CIO - quarterly budget meetings and IT strategy as needed. We handle all your vendor relationships, from negotiating contracts to finding new ones if needed. Click here for more information about our CIO services.
  • No contracts! Our agreements are month-to-month so we earn your business every day, not just when a contract renewal needs to be signed.
  • Fixed monthly cost to simplify budgeting - the majority of clients experience no "out of scope" charges. Everything your company needs is covered, from after hours emergencies to setting up new computers. Don't let big issues or busy periods result in unexpected IT bills.


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We’re quite pleased with the service we get and the rapid response time from the help desk still amazes me.

- Evan Webb, Controller, Patriot Erectors - Customer Since 2015