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Technology Pointe, Inc. has been serving the Round Rock area since 2000, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

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    Top 10 ERPs for Small Business
    It adds up quickly. An idle factory is probably your most expensive possession. Change the currency to daughter’s weddings.

    How many daughter’s weddings equal the cost of an idle factory day? Alice can tell you.

    Alice had everything she needed to ship products and make money. Well, almost everything.

    She didn’t have shipping labels. Alice had orders, final product, people running the factory, printers to print the shipping labels, and almost everything she needed. Almost everything …

    Alice didn’t have shipping label paper for the printer. This happened because she was missing something else.

    Alice didn’t have an ERP system that automatically ordered shipping label paper with appropriate lead times when stock ran low. How many daughter’s weddings do you think that cost her?

    Investigating the Value of Managed IT Services

    Managed IT services can present a lot of benefits for small businesses. Since not many smaller businesses can afford to staff expert IT technicians, managed IT services are an attractive alternative that allows an organization to get the IT support and management they need to keep their business running efficiently. Today, we’ll go over all the benefits a managed service provider can present a small business,and just how a MSP delivers significant returns on your IT support investments.

    Technology Pointe is excited to announce our newest vendor partnership with Cetec ERP, a web-based ERP platform that allows small businesses to experience the benefits of ERP without sacrificing current profits, or future growth.

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    Cetec ERP is a powerful, all-in-one platform designed to help small and mid-sized manufacturing companies transition from incomplete or makeshift software options to a more comprehensive solution. Unlike Quickbooks, Cetec allows business owners to manage inventory along with accounting and general ledger. But unlike other ERP options, it takes advantage of modern technical advances to make it more accessible, affordable, and completely cloud-based.

    Do I Need ERP?

    Diversity of Input

    • Don’t make the IT department solely responsible for the DR recovery strategy. While the technology team is great at what they do, they are not the ones working on the firm’s business day to day. Input from all levels of the firm is important. Make sure you have key people from partners to receptionists involved in the DR/BC process
    • Cross-training is a great strategy for firms with multiple offices. For example, if you have accounting people in both your Austin and Dallas offices, make sure they can handle each other’s roles in the event of a disaster.

    Don’t Trust the Cloud (with Everything)

    • The cloud is a great storage solution, but it still requires proper design and plan

    A managing partner once told me, “After my people, our data is our most valuable asset.” The value of data is undeniable. Unfortunately, so is its vulnerability. Critical information can be lost due to server malfunction, hackers, power surges, broken water pipes or any one of a hundred unpredictable disasters. Data backups are important, but they may not be enough.

    How would your firm survive a Catastrophe?

    What Is the Difference Between Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?