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Dustin Bolander Talks Disaster Recovery at Local ALA Seminar


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TPI CIO Dustin Bolander was chosen as a panelist for ALA’s Spring Seminar on Disaster Recovery (DR) & Business Continuity (BC). Austin’s chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators  also invited Matt Ridings, who oversees DR/BC planning for Norton Rose Fulbright, and two insurance experts from Shepard Walton.


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The panel discussed how law firms can minimize the impact of disasters by creating a DR plan, which allows them to bring up core business services as soon as possible after an unplanned service interruption. In addition to IT services and insurance liability, the panel also addressed some aspects of DR that are often overlooked:

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How would your firm survive a Catastrophe?

A managing partner once told me, “After my people, our data is our most valuable asset.” The value of data is undeniable. Unfortunately, so is its vulnerability. Critical information can be lost due to server malfunction, hackers, power surges, broken water pipes or any one of a hundred unpredictable disasters. Data backups are important, but they may not be enough.

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What Is the Difference Between Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?

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Could Your Business Handle a Snow Day?

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During the first two weeks of January, Texas endured its first deep freeze of 2018.  Meteorologists posted warnings about frigid temperatures, sleet, and freezing rain.  Police urged everyone to stay home due to dangerous road conditions, causing schools and local businesses to shut down out of necessity.  Phones went unanswered, customers went unaided, and companies  missed out on crucial revenue, all because of an unexpected weather delay.

As a business, Technology-Pointe, Inc. (TPI) has only experienced one previous snow day. This time, however, we had a contingency plan in place. 

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What is our Secret Sauce?

I have been asked this question many times from Office Managers to Business Owners.  I have even started asking others this question myself!  It’s a great conversation starter when at round table discussions or exchanging ideas over coffee with other business professionals.  

So what is the answer?

Secret SauceCould it be our partnerships with great companies like Dell Technologies and Microsoft?

What about all the technical experience we have here at Tech-Pointe?  We have over 20 people working here and our total years of experience in the technology field is well over 150 years.

It could be all those certifications our team has with Microsoft and Cisco.  You should see the wall they cover - over 30 major certificates!



Well it’s none of those!

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Selecting an IT Managed Service Provider

3 Things to Consider

  1. Alignment with your Industry
  2. Proactive Approach
  3. Financial Stability and Reputation

Setting the Stage

Selecting MSP2

In the eyes of today’s Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), embracing new technologies such as mobile, cloud and analytics is one of the key strategic priorities for increasing engagement with their clients. This undertaking falls on the person responsible  for their business’s technology, and they are being asked to adopt these new technologies utilizing less resources and less expertise than a managed service provider. This pressure will persist as the business continues to grow, making it difficult for the IT person or organization to continue to go it alone.   At some point, a company will look to trust an IT managed service provider for assistance in quickly responding to business demands and in helping them adopt new technological innovations.

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