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The other day I overheard a conversation about Bluebeam between two of our support team members, Jay and Trae.  The name, Bluebeam, caught my attention.  What in the world could they be doing with Blue Beams?

TPI Thunderdome

They work in an area of our office that we call the “Thunderdome”, with that being a reference to the Mad Max movie, so just about anything could be going on with Blue Beams.

But as it turns out, we are installing Bluebeam software for a lot of our clients that are in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Verticals.

When I asked the team how Bluebeam was helping our clients, the answer was simple. They just like it! 

Bluebeam gives our clients many additional plugins for their design software that they find very useful and which makes their job easier.


 Here's what a few of our clients are saying about Bluebeam:

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Ransomware is Serious

It seems like every time I turn around there seems to be another virus that is going to kill me - Zika, SARS, Ebola, Bird Flu, etc.  I never worried much about catching any of these.  Heck, I can’t hit 3 numbers on a lotto ticket. 

Ransomware Blog Photo

But one virus that does concern me is the Ransomware computer viruses - Cryptolocker, CryptoWall, and Locky to name a few.  These viruses infiltrate your core data and encrypts it making your data useless.  You can no longer open the files and there is no way to unencrypt them.  If you are hit with one of these viruses, they are followed up by a message to send money for the encryption key.  The amounts vary, anywhere from $300.00 to $10,000.00.  

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There's Nothing Scarier Than Lost Data!

It’s a scary fact that 32% of companies that had a “major loss” of data were immediately put out of business, and another 38% permanently closed their doors within two years. Only 30% of businesses that had a major data loss were still in business within 24 months!

That is Scary!

The encouraging thing to this dreadful thought is that data loss is completely avoidable. What is frightening is how many companies believe they are fully protected only to find out they weren't when catastrophe strikes. Some were not given the proper guidance, while others chose to ignore the risk.


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Another Win for Technology Pointe Disaster Recovery

The call I dread the most came in this week.  A customer had a hard disk array failure on a server, and all data along with the operating system had been lost.  And for good measure it was their database server.  In the old days of file level backups, this would have been catastrophic.  It would take days of restoring data, reconfiguring the operating system, and reinstalling applications.  But with our Advanced Disaster Recovery solution, it was a matter of booting to a recovery disk and restoring the backup images.  

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Top 5 Worst Cloud Surprises and How to Avoid Them

cloud_icon With every new technology comes new surprises. The cloud is still an ever changing technology, as well as being a marketing term that means different things to different people. Here are a few of the surprises we have seen companies encounter since we started working with clouds (in 2007!)

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