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Technology Pointe, Inc. has been serving the Round Rock area since 2000, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Email Archiving, Retention and Discovery with Microsoft Exchange

Here at Technology Pointe we work with a lot of law firms and thus have been involved in lots of discovery situations, specifically email. There is often a fundamental misunderstanding of how email is retained and controlled. Unfortunately most people do not understand why IT cannot snap their fingers and recover every email related to the discovery criteria.

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Austin's Don't Rush Day

Austin Dont Rush Logo In an effort to reduce Austin's ongoing traffic issues, Mayor Steve Adler has declared May 11th, 2016 Austin Don't Rush Day. Encouraging off hours commutes, carpooling and alternative transportation to reduce the headache that is rush hour traffic. One of the best suggestions for a high tech town like this is teleworking. If you spend the majority of your day in front of a computer, chances are you are an excellent candidate for teleworking.

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Your Business' Security Stack: Part 1

shieldedcomputer"Stack" is a hot buzzword in technology right now. Simplified, a stack is just the various components you are utilizing for something, such as running a website. You need your servers (Microsoft Azure for example), and the code they're running on (such as Java or .NET). Everything in a business can be classified as some sort of stack. Your business' security stack is what keeps your network up and running, your data secure and your assets safe.

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Using Macs in your business?

Apple Logo rainbow For a long time Apple has been gaining a huge following for personal use, but not as much in the business world. Windows-only software seems to be the rule, with Mac support being a surprise. This is especially true in businesses where complex accounting and ERP packages are standard. However, even in these businesses there are workarounds to let people work such as Parallels and RemoteApp.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Document Management

mfiles metadata card What if you could could access all your corporate documents from your phone or tablet? What if your documents were automatically secured based on what they are (ex: accounting, HR) not what random folder you store them in? What if your systems could handle compliance for you instead of adding more work?

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