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Getting to the Cloud - Part 2: Should I?

The answer is a definite "maybe" There are actually 3 separate scenarios to think about which we will address separately, from simplest to most complex.

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Are you gambling your data with tape backups?

Gartner estimates 10-25% of tape restores fail. (Source:

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Making techies out of non-technical people

One of the biggest stresses for IT is supporting non-technical people. Not people that are not in IT, but people who have the exact same problem again and again, forget their passwords every week, and are using a 4 year old cell phone because they don't want to learn the newest kind (hi mom!)

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Getting to the Cloud - Part 1: What & Why

One of the first questions any potential client asks is if they should go to the cloud. A close second is what is the cloud and why would I want to go? This should give you an idea of how much momentum the cloud has, many people are asking if they should move to the cloud without knowing what it is or why. For our blog articles, I polled several customers and this post was by far the most requested.

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Archiving with Exchange

Nowadays everyone wants to keep email forever. 

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