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Technology Pointe, Inc. has been serving the Round Rock area since 2000, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

How did we win Best Place to Work?

technologypointe2015-750xx1956-1100-0-101 Since winning the Austin Business Journal's #1 Best Place to Work article here, everyone has been asking how did we win? What perk was it that pushed us over the top?

Want to know a secret?It wasn't a perk. Here are the key reasons I think we won, based off our company core values:

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Exchange 2013 Cumulative Updates - Failed Installations

After spending a large part of the weekend rebuilding an Exchange server, we worked with Microsoft and found out about a major change in the way Exchange 2013 handles updates. Buried within this article from the Exchange team is a key point:

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Archiving with Exchange

Nowadays everyone wants to keep email forever. 

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What do you mean my cloud isn't backed up?

Several months ago we started working with a new client who had several hundred websites hosted in the cloud. As we started managing their environment, they were surprised to learn that their cloud environment was not being backed up. If they had accidentally deleted a file or made a bad change, the cloud environment did not provide a way to restore.  Luckily, the cloud provider had an add-on service for providing backups that we quickly setup.

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You should have replaced Server 2003 years ago, let's talk about Server 2008

On July 14th, support ended for Windows Server 2003. Everyone is talking about how you need to replace your 2003 servers immediately. Let's be honest though, if you have not replaced them yet, there is either a good reason for staying on them or it is poor planning by your IT department. Now that we're past 2003, let's look ahead.  Have you replaced your 2008 servers yet?

Support for server 2008 does not end until 2020, but on the other hand, it was released in summer of 2008, meaning it is now 7+ years old, an eternity in technology. In Summer of 2008, the iPhone 3G just came out, introducing GPS and the App store for the first time. Would you be happy using an iPhone 3G today?

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