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Restoring from backup - recovery time and recovery point objectives

While most businesses have become good at realizing the need for not only robust backups but storing them off-site as well, many have not considered the restore process. Being able to restore files or folders immediately is a given, but what if the whole server goes down? This is where recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) come into play.

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Google's new search changes for mobile

We've been getting a lot of questions about the recent changes to Google's search and how it relates to mobile websites. Here are the key changes you need to know about:

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Skype for Business is coming soon

skypeScreenshot This month Microsoft will be replacing Lync with Skype for Business. Skype for Business will include all the same features but have a new look: The new Skype for Business will do everything you're accustomed to with Lync: chat, video calls and screen sharing. It now has the added benefit of being able to connect with Skype users as well by searching the global Skype directory.

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Protecting against Cryptolocker

I recently attended a conference and was talking to a few law firm office managers. One of them has been repeatedly hit by cryptolocker, as recently as December of 2014! One of our bragging points has been that all our support plans include technology to block cryptolocker called Umbrella. While antivirus software may or may not catch it, there is a new category of security software that watches and filters connectivity to various websites and servers in order to catch malicious behavior. Cryptolocker works by first infecting the computer, then "phoning home" to get its instructions on what to do. While umbrella may not prevent the initial infection (but it can in many cases,) it will notice the phone home phase, block it and alert IT. Umbrella also does a great job blocking people from even getting to malicious websites in the first place.

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