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    Another Win for Technology Pointe Disaster Recovery

    The call I dread the most came in this week.  A customer had a hard disk array failure on a server, and all data along with the operating system had been lost.  And for good measure it was their database server.  In the old days of file level backups, this would have been catastrophic.  It would take days of restoring data, reconfiguring the operating system, and reinstalling applications.  But with our Advanced Disaster Recovery solution, it was a matter of booting to a recovery disk and restoring the backup images.  

    After the recovery process completed, the server came up exactly as it was when it failed.  With this solution we also had the choice of spinning up that server from the backup image either locally or in the cloud for use while we repaired the original server. However, we were able to get it back on line so quickly the customer did not need either option. Backups and disaster recovery are the most important part of any IT solution.  With our ADR solution, I sleep well at night.

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