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    The other day I overheard a conversation about Bluebeam between two of our support team members, Jay and Trae. The name, Bluebeam, caught my attention. What in the world could they be doing with Blue Beams?

    TPI Thunderdome

    They work in an area of our office that we call the “Thunderdome”, with that being a reference to the Mad Max movie, so just about anything could be going on with Blue Beams.

    But as it turns out, we are installing Bluebeam software for a lot of our clients that are in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Verticals.

    When I asked the team how Bluebeam was helping our clients, the answer was simple. They just like it!

    Bluebeam gives our clients many additional plugins for their design software that they find very useful and which makes their job easier.


    Here's what a few of our clients are saying about Bluebeam:


    "The biggest thing we use Bluebeam for is the ability to markup PDF’s and overlay new PDF’s with old ones and it shows you the differences in the two. Bluebeam is also integrated with all our programs (AutoCAD, All Microsoft Office programs, Navis) so it’s easy to create PDF’s from these programs."

    Dale Payne - Branch Manager @ Northstar Fire Protection of Texas, Inc. - 12/8/2016

    At Chasco Constructors, technology is at the center of nearly every project. Bluebeam is a perfect example of software that has been around for a few years, but the way in which it was designed to match the workflow of the construction industry far outweighs anything that Adobe Acrobat can do, at a lesser cost and with more flexible licensing options.
    Michael Lambert - IT/GPS Manager – Chasco Contractors - 12/8/2016

    Five more Reasons Why Bluebeam Is Better than Adobe for the AEC Industry

    1. Customizable Interface and Profiles - Bluebeam comes with a variety of different default profiles which will optimize your interface. With two-clicks of a button your interface gives you exactly what you need to see.
    2. Tool Chest - Creating and customizing markups in Bluebeam is extremely easy, but you don't want to have to keep re-creating the same markups again and again. This is where the Tool Chest comes in, allowing you to create custom toolsets where you can save those markup tools for future use.
    3. Markups List - As you're making notes on a document, the markups list provides an easy way to keep track of all of your markups in an interactive spreadsheet-style interface that you can sort, filter or even make calculations through. You can then export reports from those markups and see your data in a whole new way.
    4. Compare Documents - When you are working with multiple versions of drawings, it can sometimes be difficult to determine exactly what has changed between revisions. Bluebeam offers two different methods of document comparison to solve this problem; firstly, you can "overlay documents", which produces a light table effect with color coded revisions stacked on top of one another. Also, there is "compare documents", which automatically compares drawings pixel-by-pixel and adds clouds around all of the differences.
    5. Studio - This is where Bluebeam really outshines Adobe. All versions of Bluebeam come with free access to Bluebeam Studio. Studio is an opportunity to really take a look at what solutions you use for project file collaboration and document management.

    Studio is worth a full update on its own. I will be doing an update on Studio at the first of the year.

    You can also visit our website for more information on how Technology Pointe can help you with your Engineering and IT Support needs.

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