Going Back to Work After Coronavirus

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Close up Laptop Computer on Top of Office Table of a Businessman with Empty White Screen, Emphasizing Copy Space.What is going to be the new normal after this pandemic ends? How will we work after we go back to a more normal routine?  These are some of the discussions companies they are having.  What we are going to talk about today is what that work-life could look like going forward.  With work-life balance and mental health key to a successful workforce, people are going to have to make decisions that affect how they work.  Here are three things that may drastically change when we "Go Back to the Office."

Do we need a big office?

We are living in big cities like Austin and Dallas, Texas, where we all hear about downtown offices sq/ft prices for leasing are skyrocketing.  Lease pricing has had a significant effect on areas outside of the downtown areas. Companies can not afford to stay downtown, so they are moving outside of the city centers, which is raising the price on all properties in the metro areas.  People always want to lower operating costs.  The issues they have, do we have the technology to work remotely, and in some situations, people do not trust what they can not see.  When the staff is not in front of them, are they working?  With technology, we have more ability than ever to communicate remotely with one another and share data faster than ever.   We also can monitor staff and see how active they are and what kind of work they are producing.  More companies than ever are going to be looking to downsize and invest in technology because there is a higher return on the investment than paying for a large office. 

New office layout

There are several options for a hybrid office layout.  Hoteling is where multiple people are sharing the Close up Laptop Computer on Top of Office Table of a Businessman with Empty White Screen, Emphasizing Copy Space.-1same desk.  With options of only needed a docking stating or terminal station to log into the cloud, people do not need a dedicated office.  Most people already carry their mouse and sometimes keyboard.  All they need is an extra monitor to work on while they are in the office.  All precautions are put in place to ensure proper safety when it comes to germs.  Most of the time, people are only going to be a the desk for a few hours in between stops.  Creating a hybrid workplace allows people the freedom to go back and forth between the office, clients, and their homes.  Look at the options out there if you plan to downsize your office.  Finding the right mix of privacy and collaboration will be critical to setting your offices' work culture. 

Cyber-Security Best Practices

We have all used Zoom at some point during the quarantine period to do a happy hour or have a meeting.  With the recent news, the CEO took ownership of the lack of security inside of zoom.  With compliance critical to most businesses, lapses in security are not excepted and can cause very high fines from SEC, HIPPA, and PCI compliance.  Some of the most essential best practices are making sure meetings have call-in id's and passwords.  With data being shared in these meetings ensuring the end to end encryption is a must to meet security compliance. 


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