Stick with what you’re good at, outsource the rest

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We’re big proponents of outsourcing. Big surprise considering the business that we’re in. But I have a great personal anecdote on why.

I have always done yard work since I was old enough to push a mower. At 15 I realized I could make money by doing other people’s yards. At 16 I realized I could hire my friends and make $2 or 3 per yard (my yard care empire quickly collapsed and I learned there is no such thing as easy money). Today I do our yard still, although not as frequently as I should, much to my wife’s chagrin. I also get as much mileage as I can out of the equipment we own.

One recent battle involved an old weed whacker. When summer started and the first weekend of yard care came around, the weed-whacker would not start no matter what I did. So began the journey of multiple weekends to get it running again. New air filter, new spark plug, disassemble and clean the carburetor – nothing worked. The whole time I was able to keep cutting the grass, but the garden edges and curbs continued to get more and more unruly. After several hours of work, the weed-whacker still would not start. Alice pointed out that my job is outsourcing IT for people who are not good at IT, and I clearly am not a mechanic. Get a new weed-whacker, take it to a repair shop, or even better – hire someone to do the yard who can do it better and faster than I can. shows units as cheap as $50 – what I ended up spending in parts, not to mention how much time. Imagine what I could have done with all the extra weekend hours…

 A lot of small businesses have someone handle IT in addition to their main job. Office managers, engineers, or other team members. Sure they get the job done but imagine how much faster and better a pro can do it. Your time is literally money, why waste it when it is cheaper to pay someone else who can do it faster and better?

NTFS stacked logo for FacebookAnother great example of us making better use of our time was when we decided to outsource our Social Media Content.   Working on our Social Media was one of the many hats that I wore at Technology Pointe.  We now have No Time for Social creating our digital content and helping us with our strategy for both Facebook and LinkedIn.   It was really easy to justify their cost which freed up time for me to better serve our Clients IT requirement. 

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