Using Macs in your business?

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For a long time Apple has been gaining a huge following for personal use, but not as much in the business world. Windows-only software seems to be the rule, with Mac support being a surprise. This is especially true in businesses where complex accounting and ERP packages are standard. However, even in these businesses there are workarounds to let people work such as Parallels and RemoteApp.

The steady migration to web-based applications makes it easier as well. But there are still challenges that you can encounter using Macs in a business environment. A few things we have managed to solve include:

Accessing file shares: most businesses still run on Windows file servers. Unfortunately, Macs accessing these file shares run into a number of problems, such as creating odd files, having permissions problems, and strange read-only errors. There is a great software package that should be deployed on any file server being used by Macs, it is from Acronis and is called Access Connect. This lets all your Macs talk to the Windows servers as if they were Mac servers, and ensures a smooth experience for your team. This is a must-have for any business running Macs with Windows servers.



We don’t want to have to worry about our technology or losing valuable time due to computer problems, we only want to focus on our creativity and our customers. Technology Pointe gives us that freedom. The TPI team quickly responds to any technical issues or questions with patience and knowledge. These guys are awesome!

- Jeff Montgomery ( President, Ampersand Agency, Client since 2007 )

Remote support and security: the majority of our tools are cross compatible between Mac & Windows, meaning that we're able to leverage the same security no matter which platform you use, as well as our ability to immediately remote in no matter where you are. Need to remote from a Mac to a PC or vice versa? We have you covered.

We have extensive experience supporting Macs, including multiple Apple certified techs on staff and experience with Mac majority clients, including one client with over 100 users, and an ad agency that has been a client since 2007.


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