What is our Secret Sauce?

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I have been asked this question many times from Office Managers to Business Owners. I have even started asking others this question myself! It’s a great conversation starter when at round table discussions or exchanging ideas over coffee with other business professionals.  How do you create a winning culture that people enjoy working for and is profitable.  

So what is the answer?

Secret SauceCould it be our partnerships with great companies like Dell Technologies and Microsoft?What about all the technical experience we have here at Tech-Pointe? We have over 20 people working here and our total years of experience in the technology field is well over 150 years.It could be all those certifications our team has with Microsoft and Cisco. You should see the wall they cover - over 30 major certificates!

Well it’s none of those!

For us here at Technology Pointe, “Our Secret Sauce” is our Clients and for several solid reasons:

  • Clients empower us to take the stress of IT off their minds. Our Clients understand the value of Technology and how it can give them the competitive edge in their market space.
  • They give us the technology keys to their business and trust we will be great stewards of their IT solutions.
  • Those clients that have been with us for years have grown with and alongside us as we changed our business model to a proactive support model.
  • They embrace new technologies and are willing to share their experiences with our other clients.
  • The number of referrals and reference letters from our Clients is a huge part of our growth.
  • Its our clients ability to have trust in us, and the fact that we are able to help them take their technology to make them more profitable.  
Our Compliments to all our great Clients for being the “Secret Sauce” in our business!

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