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My name is Trae, I have worked at Technology Pointe for 9 years.  The best part of my job is helping people.  I can promise you that I probably already know what you are thinking. Your story is very similar to the many I have heard.  You are struggling with communication with your current IT, to you are looking for your first IT provider and have no idea where to start.  One of the first things I say to people when talking about IT is even if I am not a fit, I can get you going on the path to find the right kind of person or provider for your business.  I am happy to answer your questions or even give you the questions you need to be asking.  


There is no obligation

I honestly enjoy helping people and at the end of a conversation when they say thank you so much for all your help.  I know I have done the right thing.  If we are not a fit, it is ok, and I am glad I could help.  Choosing an IT provider is not easy nor fun.  I can promise you after we talk, you will be in a better spot than before. 

You may have these types of questions already:

  • We have the same problems over and over. Why is this happening?
  • Are there immediate security risks that threaten my network that I should know?
  • How would my business adopt the cloud, and what would the benefits be?
  • I’m nervous that my data backup solution isn’t doing its job, how can I know for sure?
  • Is my current line of business applications the best ones for me?
  • I think I am spending too much money on technology, how can I save money?

If you have those questions or others, you need to call or fill out the form and I can reach out.

512-377-6514 and ask for Trae 

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