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Our clients are What Make Us Great

True to their Commitment

Carrie D

These guys are true to their commitment.  My office has really enjoyed working with Technology Pointe. 

Carrie D. Bradshaw, CPA, CCIFP

Chasco Constructors Recommends Technology Pointe

 Michael Lambert

Chasco Constructors is a progressive general contracting and commercial construction management firm based in Round Rock, Texas. Being founded there was quite a bit of the company establish without technology, but by the late 1990’s it was time to step into computers and software. Like most contractors at the time we were in a low-tech position and decided to manage our newly found IT aspect of the company by ourselves for the first 10 years. Technology really took off in 2002 with the establishment of an on-premise email server and storage servers that would soon become the backbone of the business. Still we continued to administer the environment ourselves. Then in 2006, more software started to make a presence and more people were hired that would consistently use the IT infrastructure so it quickly got to the point that we needed help when something broke. We had previous relationships with other IT service providers, but none of them were established well enough to become an integral part of the company. We soon thereafter met Technology Pointe and have not looked back. The laid-back personality of the company and the idea that individuals bringing expertise’s to the table that mirrored the way our company was built. It was refreshing to find IT personalities that could work with construction personalities and TPI seemed to maintain that value in their hiring practices and we both grew. Eventually our environment become large enough to start requiring enterprise-type solutions and a vigilant eye on the company as a whole. After being TPI’s last customer on the Break/Fix model we took the step towards managed-services and could not be happier with the care, expertise and intelligent workflow that Technology Pointe has brought to the table.


Adamantly pleased!

Michael Lambert
VDC Manager , Chasco Constructors

Scaling with us

Meetesh Karia

As a tech startup, we initially managed all of our office IT in-house. As we grew, we wanted to spend more and more of our time on our technology and product and Technology Pointe has allowed us to do that. They've scaled with us and successfully managed the technical portion of our move to a new office. They're always prompt and willing to go the extra mile and we're looking forward to continued growth with Technology Pointe in the future!

Meetesh Karia
The Zebra

Kudos for being so responsive.

Nicole Williams

Big kudos to your team for being so responsive.  Prior to our switch from [our former IT company], it would be 4-24 hours or more before I would hear back on a simple request.

Nicole Williams, Accounting Manager

One thing I don't have to worry about

Tessa Cooper

I worked with Tech-Pointe at my last job and when I moved to a new company I brought them with me. They helped our small office move to a professional level where email, file sharing and tech support were no longer a constant troubleshooting game. We love how quickly we get help when we call or email and how we are not just depending on one person to get to us in a long list of troubled clients. All of the team is very patient and great at walking you through easy solutions. The level of customer service is truly my favorite part and I could not imagine running a successful office without having them on my side.

Tessa Cooper
Operations Manager, Big Red Sun

Tech pointe

 Brian Muttee

special thanks to Beau, Logan & Richie. 2 words to describe to Tech pointe:  BEYOND AMAZING!!!

if there's Any issue or problem you might be experiencing just give Tech pointe a call. Log onto the computer, kick back & watch the magic happen right in front of you. there's no need to unplug your laptop and drive it down to your nearest repair shop. Just call(512) 377-6514.

Very gratefully yours,

Brian Muttee

Brian Muttee
Patriot Erectors
Dripping Springs

I worked with M-Files partner Technology Pointe on our company’s implementation.

Megan Laskey

Technology Pointe was an amazing resource for us. Not only were their consultants technically proficient, but I really loved that they were able to explain concepts about document management to my employees in a manner that was easy for them to understand.

Megan Laskey
Office Manager , Insight Pharmaceuticals

Techpointe did "All the Heavy Lifting."

David Look

Techpointe has been hosting our backups for a couple of years now.  We have had to utilize the restore process 3 times, one of which was a bare metal restore.  The Techpointe guys did "All the Heavy Lifting" on all the restores.

I can really sleep at night with their backup/restore process in place.

David Look, CIO
Diagnostic Health Services

Superior Technicians

Elaine Burr

I wish I had started working with Technology Pointe years ago!  They offer prompt service and superior technicians who are respectful of all users' experience levels, all at an affordable price.  I cannot say enough good things about them.

Elaine Burr, Administrator
Chamberlain Mchaney, Legal Services

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

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