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Cybersecurity Services Dallas & Austin

Protecting your systems and data against cyber threats

Another data breach or cyberattack crippling a business or costing millions seems to make the headlines every week. Of all the challenges that keep many business owners up at night, protecting their company’s computer networks and data from external threats can rank near the top. 

The cybersecurity experts at Technology Pointe can mitigate the risks of hackers accessing your systems and help put your mind at ease.

Email Monitoring


Deceptive phishing scams trick email users into providing sensitive information and continue to be the #1 way that hackers gain access to networks. Securing your email system and educating employees about what to look for is one of the first steps in protecting your organization.

The cybersecurity experts at Technology Pointe provide:

  • Spam filtering — automatically sorts through incoming emails to scan attachments and quarantine potential spam
  • Email monitoring — watches for blacklisting issues, domain misconfigurations, and suspicious activities on your email server
  • Education — provides tools and training on how to identify suspicious activity, helping employees to not “take the bait”

Minimizing the security threats posed by malicious email attacks not only helps protect sensitive information and keep your systems up and running, it also helps increase productivity by reducing the amount of time your employees spend sorting through worthless emails.

Antivirus Software & Tools


Some cyber criminals don’t care about stealing your data; they want to steal your money. Too many companies are hit by ransomware and give into ransom demands after hackers cripple their computer networks by installing malicious malware. 

With the right antivirus software and tools, you can expect:

  • Antivirus software — implementing high-level antivirus software to keep your servers, PCs and laptops safe
  • System protection — monitoring performance issues that may indicate an infection, plus quarantine and removal of viruses, DNS-based malware filtering, fixing of disk failures and more
  • Cloud computing protection — securing WiFi networks and the multitude of cloud-based software systems leveraged today
  • Reporting — assisting with compliance and showing the value of your antivirus services in exposing and addressing vulnerabilities

Setup and maintenance — deploying and maintaining the many platforms that come with security measures that need to be set up

Tech Support & Remote Monitoring


Our security monitoring and support services provide 24/7 protection every day of the year to thwart the efforts of cybercriminals. The team members at Technology Pointe are trained professionals who serve as an extension of your own IT department.

Benefit from the following:

  • State-of-the-art threat detection — proactively manages your network security to detect and respond 24/7, ensuring email, web access and VPN accessibility
  • Automatic updates — security software patches and firewall updates are performed on time, closing potential loopholes for hackers
  • Technical support help desk — personally guides you through how to resolve perplexing computer issues
  • Remote access — allows technicians to perform fixes from anywhere and to anywhere there’s an internet connection

On-site service technicians — performs routine maintenance and helps keep on-premise systems running smoothly

Printer Security

close-up-of-secretary-pressing-start-buttonWhile everyone is focused on servers, computer networks and emails, many hackers look for back-door ways to access systems. Today’s printers are highly sophisticated computers and, without proper configuration, can be a major security and compliance concern, both from external and internal threats.


  • Rules-based printing — pull printing, PIN access, card readers and other protocols ensure that only authorized individuals can retrieve print jobs
  • Encryption — stored data on printer hard drives is made unusable through secure socket layer (SSL) and overwritten once printed
  • Firmware and driver updates — security features and patches are installed when made available

Responsible recycling — hard drives are wiped clean prior to disposal

Specialized Industry Expertise


Financial institutions and services are among the most highly targeted industries for cyber criminals. Additional pressures to comply with SEC regulations and other requirements only compound the need to implement robust security measures. Technology Pointe is experienced in helping financial firms of all sizes achieve top-level security and provides the tools and expertise needed to protect your organization.


Modern manufacturers not only rely on computer systems; there’s a multitude of connected devices across the plant floor and supply chain. Robotics, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, inventory controls, machine metrics and more all pose opportunities for hackers to access systems. The experts at Technology Pointe have a deep understanding of the unique threats posed to manufacturers and how to protect them.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

It’s critical to keep proprietary and confidential data such as bid proposals, product designs and trade secrets under wraps. Mobile accessibility and specialty software such as AutoCad or Solidworks represent additional security concerns. Our team has years of experience working with these industry applications and can help ensure your data remains secure.


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