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The Tech-Pointe Teams! 

Technology Pointe has been serving the Round Rock area since 2000 and the Dallas Fort Worth area since 2011, these teams support industry specific clients and provide professional and prompt support.  Our teams all have numerous certifications that help them support their clients at the highest level.  They are all good at what they do because they enjoy helping people.  

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These IT professionals provide top-of-the-line service for our clients specializing in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). Soon these industries will face widespread technological changes, especially within essential programs like Bluebeam, SAGE and AutoCAD. To confront these challenges, our technicians incorporate industry experience and creative thinking to generate unique and lasting solutions. Most importantly the team members develop a kinship with our clients based on mutual trust and friendship, letting them know that we are all equally invested in their success.

Threat Level Midnight

Threat Level Midnight

This team provides critical support for our Finance and Manufacturing clients, helping small firms manage their current volume while planning for long-term improvements. This team pursues innovative solutions through light-hearted banter and close cooperation. Over time, the technicians have expanded their knowledge of industry essential software - like CCH ProSystem Fx Suite and Quickbooks – as well as ERP programs. Through constant vigilance and targeted troubleshooting, these teammates help both our clients and their customers meet crucial deadlines.

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The Usual Suspects

Technology Pointe is an Austin-based company, but our Dallas clients are quickly expanding to create a crucial part of our customer base. Our fully functioning Dallas office supports everything from compact office environments to widespread contractor networks. Integrating our Austin style with the unique business culture of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is a difficult task, but these gentlemen make it look easy.

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When clients make big plans for the future, our engineer team is there to help turn their visions into reality. Server replacements, network overhauls and large-scale equipment upgrades can seem overwhelming, but they are a crucial part of any company’s expansion plan. Our engineers put in the necessary work behind-the-scenes to anticipate obstacles and ensure that our clients receive the maximum return on their investment.

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This multi-talented “Swiss Army Team” handles a multitude of office functions including ticket dispatch, billing, human resources and business development. They perform the essential tasks needed to keep the office running, while providing creative touches to our marketing and client outreach campaigns. With a wide array of talents and a spirit of teamwork, they provide our technicians with amazing support so that they, in turn, can fully support our clients.